About us

My shop Camillas Blommor ha been around for 19 years and are owned and operated today by Fiffi Flood. We look specifically at those who need affordable and beatiful flower arrangements for yourself or to someone you care for. We collect and deliver fresh cut flowers every day except sundays to ensure a high quality to our customers.

I myself have a background in Floral Paradise Bali and create gladly eccentric arrangements inspired by the paradise I come from. My own favorite flower is the orchid, since it grows wild in my home country.

I offer all forms of flower bindery and events with daily courier service in the area of Helsingborg. Our clients consist of individuals, businesses, organizaions and cemetery administration in Helsingborg.

Through my membership to Euroflorist can I also act as intermediary to the entire world.

Talk flowers with us.

Come and visit me! Do you have own ideas about design, color, etc. do not hesitate to discuss this with me.

 Camillas Blommor Eftr

Kurirgatan 1


Phone  +46 (0)42-218190


 Opening hours

Monday to Friday 10,00 - 18,00

Saturdays 09,00 – 13,00